Daily Specials


Friday Night Fish Fry

Deep Fried Fresh Haddock … $16.95

Choice of beer battered or breaded haddock served with Cole Slaw, tartar sauce, and French fries

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Sunday Special

Turkey … $17.95

Sliced white breast of turkey served with homemade mashed potatoes, stuffing, and gravy

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Saturday Special

London Broil … $20.95

Marinated beef, broiled, and served sliced with bordelaise sauce
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Friday Special

Broiled Haddock … $16.95

Fresh and flaky haddock served with tartar sauce or lemon-herb vinaigrette

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Tuesday Special

Liver … $20.95

Sautéed calf’s liver served with crispy bacon or onions

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Monday Special

Steak Frites … $22.95

Chef’s steak selection served with Grinnell’s steak sauce, hand cut fries, and truffle aioli

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